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november 2013 - enterprise edition version 3.0 released

shelf logic proudly announces the release of version 3.0 of the enterprise edition. major improvements have been made, particularly in the area of automating the creation of planograms. president dennis osrow stated ' this is our biggest update yet. we have added many new major features, and have made improvements to  existing ones. our new automated build features make creating planograms even quicker and easier".

new features include:

rip2 processor

a major extension our original rip processor, this lets you build an entire planogram with one mouse click. rip2 improves upon our original rip processor and lets you place products more exactly. you can specify the number of faces high and wide or let the program do it for you, given a choice of fill options. in addition, you don't need to enter upc codes for the products, you can use any field to identify the product. and, as with the first rip processor, this will optionally create shelves for you.

rip3 processor

this also creates a planograms with one mouse click. but rip3 is different as it places products according to the linear shelf space alotted. you can place products on any side, use any merchandising style, and you can optionally cap products vertically and horizontally.

open and save apollo .icp

along with .psa and .pln lan files, the enterprise edition will open and save apollo icp plan files.

user fields

additional user fields have been added. these are available for the plan, for each segment, for each shelf and fixture, for each position and for each product. for each, there are 50 description fields, 50 number fields, 20 true/false fields, 4 option selection fields and 12 combo selection fields. the description and number user fields map to and from psa format plan files.

planogram viewer

this breaks your plan into a tree structure to better view the products and fixtures on the plan. you can choose which fields to display for the view. for example, you can first view the category, thenthe vendor and then the product name, arranged as a tree structure.

keystroke manager

you can store any menu command in a key. pressing that key initiates that menu command.

layer manager

selected faces can be stored as a layer. multiple layer can be stored for each planogram and loaded into other planograms as well, allowing selected faces to be located in various plans.


september 2013 - shelf logic goes to school

for many years, shelf logic planogram software has been used by students at universities around the globe to teach and demonstrate planogramming. two universities that use the program extensively are the technical university of munich for retail operations (masters level) in the school of management and singapore management university for retail operations in the school of business. dr. holly ott was the teacher of the retail operations for these universities and says of the software:

- "the software is very easy to use, very realistic and there is a wealth of product data that can be included."

- "it is really amazing!"

she says she will continue to use our software in her classes as it gives her students a realistic look at the world of planogramming.

august 2012 - enterprise edition update

the shelf logic enterprise edition has been updated to allow sales tracking on a store by store basis. sales can also be tracked on a planogram by planogram basis as well.

previously, sales were totaled for a product. now, in addition, a product's sales can be tracked per store so performance can be measured across various stores. product sales can be tracked per planogram so it can be determined which planogram yielded the most profit for a product.

sales can also be tracked per store and per planogram together.

july 2011 - enterprise edition released

after years of research and effort, shelf logic proudly announces the enterprise edition, the most advanced program we've ever done. with as many features as the largest planogram programs, enterprise edition brings extension after market sales analysis and unparalleled planogram creation. president dennis osrow stated "we've once again broken the price barrier for planogram software, bringing our customers the most advanced planogram features at an affordable price.

following the ease of use of our other planogram programs, the enterprise edition works in a similar fashion and is surprisingly easy to use. there's even a picture selector that lets you choose products by viewing their photos.

may 2011 - batch resize updated

shelf logic's batch resize has been updated when dealing with the creation of thumbnails. you can now save the thumbnails onto the c: drive for extra speed if images are stored on slower network drives. in addition, a new feature will automatically resize new images that have been created since the last time thumbnails were created.

april 2010 - shelf logic batch print released

designed as an add-on program for the master edition and enterprise edition, batch print will print a large number of plan and presentation reports unattended. these can be printed to paper or to image files in batch mode.

december 2009 - forum added to website

shelf logic announces our new forum, where users can ask questions and discuss shelf logic and planogramming. you can read current entries, post replies and start new topics. we will post answers to questions on a daily basis. the forum is a resource for frequently asked questions and answers, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and general discussions.

the forum is available to everyone, not just current users.
you can reach the forum through the support menu.

september 2009 - master edition version 15.6 released

the new master edition version 15.6 has been released with some major improvements added to it.

the first major feature addition is the ability of the master edition 15 to be able to open plan files by other planogram programs. these include spaceman, intactix prospace and intercept plan files. the new master edition 15 can open and modify these plan files. the plans can then be saved in a shelf logic format for later use.

"this expands the shelf logic world and opens up its use to companies using the other planogram programs and particularly to companies working with suppliers using the other planogram programs" said shelf logic president dennis osrow.

the second major enhancement lets the master edition take advantage of windows vista 64 bit and the new windows 7 operating system. president dennis osrow stated "we are updating our product line to remain compatible with the latest changes in the windows operating system."

as with the current upgrade policy, this update is free to all current users of version 15 of the master edition.

september 2009 - version 2.0 of the shelf logic report writer released

the custom report writer available for the master edition has been updated to be compatible with the new master edition 15. the report writer has also been upgraded to take advantage of windows vista 64 bit and the new windows 7 operating system due out soon.


march 2009 - version 15 of the master edition is released

shelf logic continues its commitment to developing and improving its products with the release of version 15 of the master edition. version 15 comes with a host of new features, including the ability to use thumbnail photos for faster screen response when using high resolution photo images.

the rip (rapid item placement) processor can now create an entire plan with a single mouse click. we've added support for grid wall displays and you can now additionally send reports to excel or create a web page from the report. when the plan is printed, you can now print the ruler as well, a feature most requested by our users.

you can renumber shelves in several ways and both mirror products on a shelf and mirror the entire plan.

other new features include:

align to peg hole.
snap to peghole.
improved photo imaging.
better scaling of notes on screen and printing.


march 2009 - shelf logic batch resize released

designed as a companion program to the master edition and enterprise edition, batch resize will resize large numbers of photos to the optimal size for use with shelf logic. this automates the task many users face when downsizing their photos manually. there are two final sizes available and options let you back up your photos. you can resize all photos in a folder or all photos associated with a shelf logic database.

batch resize will also create thumbnail photos from a database for use when working with plans in shelf logic. these thumbnails are used for fast screen response while still letting you print the plans using high resolution photos.

august 2007 - shelf logic is now available in italian

shelf logic proudly announces that inetic of italy will sell shelf logic in italy and europe under the brand name of "display logic". the program has been translated into italian. inetic will offer direct technical support in english and italian.

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