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Shelf Logic literally pioneered a way for smaller companies to reap the many benefits of planogramming, and allow them to sell to the large retail chains that demand planograms from their suppliers.

Founded in 1995, we have grown from a single product to seven planogram related products, while steadily increasing the capabilities of each.

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Shelf Logic's family of products includes two planogram programs and a number of other programs to enhance their capabilities.

Our Enterprise Edition and Master Edition software are both are very easy to use and let you create planograms in a matter of minutes. From companies just starting planogramming to those who need power and analytic sales capabilities, Shelf Logic has you covered.

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Shelf Logic has been serving the planogramming needs of companies of all sizes all over the World.

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Sales
  • C-Stores
  • Universities

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